Grant Norris

Procedural Letter Generator

A series of letterform screenshots Animated gif of letterforms created Two letters created using PLG Four letters created using PLG

Procedural Letter Generator is a series of two visual experiments that stem from the idea of parameters and variables. The first was program was built in C# and used algorithm to randomise the location of the points that create the letterform. This lead to the creation of the second generator, built in flash, which explores using circles as structure.

WSA Substance

Website screenshot Website screenshot Website screenshot Animationebof the website in use

A website created to promote the Graphic Arts show at the Bargehouse in London as part of the larger Winchester School of Art BA 2015 show. The concept was that we are students who create work with substance as well as style. Students on the course were asked to scan 5 objects, items and things that they feel represent them in some way along with a scan of their face.

A False Following (FMP)

Book cover Book double page spread Book double page spread Photo of the books in the Hours of Crap series Sketchbook photo Web platform screenshot showing google maps integration Web platform screenshot showing twitter accounts the user if following

A False Following is a self initiated final major project that explores the way in which I use the social media platform Twitter, the connections I make and the possible repercussions of amassing a false following. The book A False Following is a document of my own Twitter profile which aims to contextualise the numbers and people around me. This main book is supported by three supplements, the Hours of Crap series deconstruct and annotate segments of my Twitter feed in order to realise what is relevant.

A web platform was also created in order to bring immediate context to the viewer, the platform allows the user to see who they are connected to by retrieving information from Twitter, the aim of this is to cause the viewer to question the way in which they use social media.

The platform can be viewed here.


Remix text image Crop of remix text Inverted further crop of remix text Photo of broken vinyl records

This was a self-initiated project from 2012 that started with the creation of a typeface that explored and pushed the boundaries legibility whilst testing the form of the circle. I decided to bring continue my exploration of form by adding an element of tangibility to the project by recreating the typeface from broken pieces of vinyl record, this idea stemmed from an interest in album covers and the physical item.

Cambridge Humanities Review

Issue covers Issue spread Issue spead Issue spead

Editorial design for Issue 9 of the Cambridge Humanities Review, a published journal "of literary and intellectual essays, written by academics, students and guest writers", which is distributed around Cambridge University. Work on this was produced alongside Joseph Menage and Andrew Lister ( at the Winchester School of Art.

What's Up?

Animation of 3d wireframe model Website screenshot of 3d wireframe model website screenshot

What's Up? is a website that explores the man-made items that are currently in in space above us. The brief was to choose one of a series 'things' to obsess about, research and produce a website on. I chose to obsess over NASA and created visuals in cinema4D to present alongside my research. I was interested in testing parallax functionality and a side scrolling page design to create a time-line inspired experience, due to time constraints the site was designed with mobile solely in mind. The website can be viewed here.

The End is Nigh print

Scanned prints Carved lino piece

Lino print featured in Grim Ripper Zine #5

Live Work Play exhibition

Exhibition panel Exhibition panel Hampshire Festival of Architecture 2014 leaflet Segment of the animated identity

Along with two other students, we created an identity, promotional material and display panels for the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) exhibition – Live Work Play. Live Work Play is an exhibition celebrating work from Hampshire architects. During early stages we worked alongside Martin McGrath ( to establish a visual direction for the exhibition. Live Work Play exhibited at the Winchester Discovery Centre between June 13th and July 6th as a part of the Hampshire Festival of Architecture 2014.

Pain lino print

Scanned lino print

Endless Days

Tshirt printed with symbol Background artwork and symbol Background artwork and logotype

A symbol, logotype and merchandise produced for a South Coast based Metal band. The idea was to create a geometric logo influenced by the name of the band that is not too literal, but can be recognised as an 'E' and 'D' if looked at askew. I also designed a logotype so that the band name can be presented alongside the symbol. The logotype is clean and legible to juxtapose the eroded triangle, but carries a similar weight to the strokes of the shape so that it does not appear out of place. I opted to use the 'D' to overlap part of the 's' to reinforce the idea of endless-ness.


Screenshot of website intro screen Website screenshot Website screenshot

Precursor is a proof of concept website that documents the origins of our alphabet via interactive elements, it was created in response to the RSA brief on heritage. Visual elements such as the use of red were influenced by books that I obtained in my research on alphabets, writing systems and glyphs. I aimed to filter through the texts I gathered in order to pinpoint major defining points in our alphabet's history for example the structure of Gothic lettering is a result of the shape of the pen nib – to articulate this the user can draw the alphabet with similar defining characteristics. The unfinished proof of concept website can be viewed here.

Revised Alternate

Book double page spread Book double page spread Book double page spread

Revised Alternate is a document of experimentation and analysis exploring screen based type as product of a self initiated project.

Reel Fresh

Brand knots pattern and hand drawn logo Website screenshot Website screenshot on mobile Overview photo of produced printed materials Photo of printed packaging Laser engraved wood signage

Reel Fresh is the result of a live brief set by London design studios Ico and BEAR, the brief was to create a brand for fictional trawlerman Sam Macleod to promote less popular fish to help reduce waste. I built upon the idea of an on-demand fishmonger's, my designs were informed by concepts of sustainability and eco-friendliness with the intention of creating a brand and product that appears premium with little process. Hand drawn elements were introduced to represent Sam's personal connection to the brand and it's cause. My deliverables include paper packaging, a combined receipt / order-form, business cards, web presence and materials that would be displayed within the physical space such as recipe cards and signage created from found wood.